Grand forks county sheriff

Our vision for Grand Forks County!


Grand Forks County offers wonderful communities for its citizens to raise families, attend events, get a quality education, and build their home and business. Though Grand Forks is a wonderful county, we still have issues that we must address to make sure that Grand Forks County continues to be a place where people want to reside.

During my campaign for Grand Forks County Sheriff we are going to focus on three crucial community issues that our county is facing. These issues include drug abuse, community engagement, and youth safety and engagement. If elected as your next Sheriff we will implement solutions to these issues and make Grand Forks County a wonderful place to live, learn, and work. Please look below as we discuss these issues individually.

Community Engagement:

As law enforcement officers and law enforcement leaders within organizations we must ask ourselves many of different questions when it comes to the issue of community engagement. These questions will often give us critical information when we look at how law enforcement can better serve the communities they live and work in.

1.     What kind of impact do officers have in the community? Are officers seen as enforcers to be feared or as community partners to be trusted and relied upon?

2.     Are officers participating in local projects? Are officers attending community meetings throughout our county?

3.     Do community members and community leaders know officers by name and feel comfortable speaking to them regarding community issues?

If we aren’t able to answer yes to all of these questions, then we must reevaluate our community engagement practices. As your Sheriff, this is something that will be front and center. Deputy’s will immediately begin spending more time at community events throughout Grand Forks County to start building lasting relationships with community members. There is no question that all of us in Grand Forks County want to have a safer and more enriched community. We can all do more to keep our communities safe, but this starts with the law enforcement officers that are sworn to serve our communities.


Drug Abuse and Addiction:

A three-prong approach to deal with our substance abuse issues in Grand Forks County is what we are seeing around the State of North Dakota. This three-prong approach includes community engagement with officers in our schools, treatment for those impacted by addiction, and enforcement of our state laws.

By combining these three approaches we are positioning ourselves to combat illegal drugs within our communities. This approach will take multiple organizations throughout Grand Forks County partnering together for a common goal of ending drug abuse and addiction in our communities. If we are able to properly combat this issue we may see a decline in drug related property crimes occurring throughout Grand Forks County.

While this is no easy task to complete, we must start somewhere and I can think of no better option then starting with our youth. If we start with out youth, we will have a lasting impact on generations to come, thus eliminating the need substantial need for other programs in the future.

Youth Safety & Engagement:

Youth engagement is one of the most significant issues in Grand Forks County. We have seen young children commit suicide, overdose on narcotics, and face issues that weren’t around ten years ago. As your sheriff we will be taking a proactive approach to be in our county schools on a consistent manner. We will work to teach programs with partner agencies on bullying, drug abuse, and healthy relationships.

If we engage our kids at an early age and teach them about these issues while letting them know that there is resources available to them we will run into less issues in the future. This will allow our children to see law enforcement officers as an asset and not as an adversary.

I will immediately look to reassign a deputy to a school resource officer position and place them in our county schools. I will then begin working with all of our county schools districts to implement a full time school resource officer program to make sure that our children are safe while they are at school and to make sure positive relationships are being built between the officers and children. I have had the opportunity to speak with our school leaders in Grand Forks County and many of them are open to the idea of having a full time officer within their school to protect students and build a positive relationship with students and staff.